Providence owes its historic presence in Orange County to our Foundresses, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, who arrived on the shores of California from France more than a century ago. Ever since, Providence has taken immense pride in catering to the unique health needs of women in honor of their enduring legacy.

Today, Providence is proud to be women’s #1 choice for care in Orange County. Our dedicated team of women’s health specialists ensure patients feel comfortable and informed about their bodies and feel empowered to take control of their health.

Our Orange County hospitals are able to seamlessly guide women through all stages of their health journey, from adolescence, adulthood and maternity, and senior years and menopause, all while catering to a comprehensive range of physical and emotional health needs. From advanced 3D mammography to the first Maternal Mental Health and Wellness Outpatient Program in Orange County, Providence is the trusted community health partner for women of all ages.

Whether it’s acclaimed perinatal care, leading-edge breast cancer treatments, gynecology, reproductive and sexual health services, preventative care and screenings, or community programs that support women in need, our hospitals are regularly recognized for quality and excellence. Providence’s renowned specialists are committed to ensuring all Orange County women are able to live long, healthy lives.

In Orange County, our hospitals have been honored by Women's Choice Award® as one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Experience and among America's Best Hospitals for Breast Care, Heart Care, Stroke, Orthopedics, Obstetrics, Cancer Care, and Bariatric Surgery. Furthermore, our facilities have been designated Baby Friendly by Baby Friendly, USA, for our commitment to promoting education and resources for new families, recognized by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) for providing the highest level of quality breast care and honored among the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative’s inaugural Quality and Engagement Award recipients.

Providence St. Jude Medical Center

Pioneering Concierge-Style Maternity Care

At Providence St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton, we’ve made history by becoming the first hospital in the Western United States to offer concierge-style services for maternity care. By helping take care of critical tasks before and after birth, St. Jude is able to ensure parents are prepared and comfortable leading up to labor, as well as happy and pampered once delivery is complete. Whether you need help running errands, forgot to purchase a breast pump, or want a mani-pedi after delivering your new bundle of joy, Providence St. Jude Medical Center’s concierge service makes it all possible.

Providence St. Joseph Hospital of Orange

Offering Award-Winning Women’s Services

Providence St. Joseph Hospital of Orange was the first hospital in Orange County to be designated “Baby Friendly” by the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, a global effort undertaken by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Aside from maternity care, Providence St. Joseph Hospital of Orange proudly offers award-winning women’s services, including a Breast Care Program, and is home to the Center for Pelvic Health and the Women’s Heart Center. As we look towards the future, the Main Street Women’s Tower at Providence St. Joseph Hospital, scheduled to open in 2023, will combine medical offices and outpatient perinatal services at one convenient location.

Providence Mission Hospital

Providing Innovative, Safe Birthing Options

Providence Mission Hospital is home to the leading-edge, 15,000 square-foot Mission Women’s Wellness Center, a spa-like environment that received the Snowmass Innovation Award for its design and services. In 2020, Mission also debuted a new program, Midwives of Mission Heritage OBGYN, which provides midwifery services in a home-like setting all while in the safety of a specialty hospital. According to Christina Gabel, CNM, “It is so important that women have choices on how and where they want to birth their baby and that they feel supported in their decisions.” Additionally, Mission is proud to offer health services specifically tailored for women, such as mammography, massage and aromatherapy, oncology, and meditation.

Patient and Provider Testimonials

“St. Jude was the reason I was able to start the following New Year off as a survivor. Through my mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation, they held my hand and guided me through every step. They scheduled appointments around my kids’ activities, showed me compassion in every interaction, and everyone from the lab to the front desk nurses knew my name and treated me like family.”
Holly Bondus, Providence St. Jude Medical Center volunteer, patient and breast cancer survivor
“Mission Hospital's Maternal Mental Health and Wellness team is excellent and extremely caring. I was a patient in their Intensive Outpatient Program while suffering from Postpartum Depression and Anxiety and received the kind of thoughtful care I needed. They treated me from both a medical and therapeutic standpoint, and brought me back to myself in a relatively short amount of time. I never thought I would get better and was feeling normal within 6 weeks of starting the program. Having their support as well as the support of other moms in the group was critical to my recovery. I am beyond grateful for the care and compassion I received from this team."
“While getting treatment, it can feel as if you don’t know who to turn to. [Providence St. Joseph Hospital Nurse Navigator] Angela helped give me a voice as a patient. She was always an advocate for me and always made time to make sure my questions were answered... I will never forget all the ways Angela helped me through a very difficult time in my life!”
Jane Para, breast cancer survivor and patient of Providence St. Joseph Hospital of Orange
“As a midwife I love being a resource for women in my community. So many of us have questions about our bodies… and feel uncomfortable asking questions or having these conversations. I love that I am able to sit with women and create space to discuss intimate topics.”
Allison Molinski, CNM, Providence Mission Hospital
“I am so appreciative of my life, to see my family grow, for the memories I would have missed. I am here by the grace of God first, and by the staff of St. Jude second. They walked me through the biggest storm of my life, and I am forever thankful.”
Cindy Wilman, breast cancer survivor and patient of Providence St. Jude Medical Center