In This Together, Right From the Start

At the start of the pandemic, a Providence hospital treated the very first COVID-19 patient in the country, and from that moment on, the phrase “we’re in it together” took on a whole new meaning.

Throughout these challenging times, Providence has remained steadfast in its commitment to ensure the health and wellness of Orange County. In the pursuit of our Mission of providing whole person care for a better world, Providence is continuing to utilize the innovative, leading-edge technology and care that has made us a nationally-recognized network of hospitals.

Early on in the pandemic, Providence’s St. Joseph Hospital of Orange became the first West Coast hospital to utilize the plasma of a COVID-19 survivor as an experimental treatment against the virus. By applying the latest in anti-viral technologies, Providence helped pave the way for advancements in the treatment and prevention of the coronavirus. More recently, our Providence St. Jude Medical Center developed an innovative COVID Long Haulers program to treat patients with persisting symptoms. At Providence, we ensure complete, whole person care no matter the road to recovery.

Providence remains dedicated in the fight against COVID-19 for the long term. Providence is committed to partnering with local and federal public health authorities to help ensure a smooth rollout of FDA approved vaccines, beginning with our most vulnerable populations, physicians, caregivers and other frontline workers.

Providence recognizes that communities of color have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic in Orange County and beyond. To help reduce health disparities exacerbated by COVID-19, Providence had made an initial investment of $1.4 million to expand outreach and education, increase the COVID-19 testing and vaccination supply to marginalized populations, promote access to care and ensure equitable distribution of treatment. To date, Providence has delivered 40,000 COVID-19 prevention kits, 6,000 COVID-19 testing kits and 30,000 COVID-19 surge kits to reduce continued spread in Southern California.

This critical work would not be possible without Providence’s valued network of community partners, who have assisted in the distribution of educational resources, COVID-19 prevention and testing kits and the training of community health workers (CHWs) who serve as the backbone of our program by providing multilingual health care resources directly to our Orange County communities. To learn more about our work to advance health equity during COVID-19, click here.

Just as our Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange did more than a century ago during the 1918 flu pandemic, we are facing a health crisis with devastating impacts on our country. To be certain, we will emerge on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic stronger than ever before.

Our Commitment is to Your Health & Safety

Advancing Health Equity

Investing in Underserved Communities

Providence committed an initial investment of $1.4 million to reduce health disparities and to achieve health equity for communities of color and for those disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Orange County and the broader Southern California region.

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Coming Together for OC

Community Innovation

A Providence Mission Hospital Mission Viejo nurse and her family came together to establish a cottage business for assembling face shields to protect against COVID-19. To date, this group has provided over 25,000 face shields for local hospitals and non-profits. The Providence Mission Hospital nurse, Jill Brubaker, stated, “Everybody has the same goal. To protect providers so they can care for the patients.”

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Opening Our Doors

Safe Haven

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange have opened up 50 rooms in their motherhouse for Providence St. Joseph Hospital of Orange staff to help them avoid long commutes and cease the spread of the virus to their loved ones at home. Sister Jayne Helmlinger explained, “We wanted to do what we can for health care workers who are under a lot of stress and literally risking their lives.”

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The Power of Partnerships in Orange County

To help keep our staff and communities safe, the Providence family of organizations in Orange County has implemented numerous safety measures, including increasing telehealth services, updating COVID-19 screening protocols, assisting in treatment research and furthering its commitment to our most vulnerable. To learn more about asymptomatic and symptomatic COVID-19 testing and appointment options, visit