Partnering With The Community

Providence's Mission extends beyond the walls of primary care and acute care settings and into the neighborhoods of the communities we serve through community benefit and charity care spending.

To extend our healing Mission and fulfill our vision of health for a better world, our four Orange County Providence hospitals invest deeply in Orange County’s health. We work closely with our community partners to ensure we address our communities’ most pressing needs, including access to health care and services, mental health and substance use services, and the social determinants of health and well-being, including housing and education.

Collectively, with our more than 150,000 passionate donors in Orange County, Providence is able to achieve some amazing results. In August 2019, Providence convened more than 50 stakeholders to develop a 3-year plan to reduce homelessness. The plan includes supporting the development of 400 units of affordable housing, supporting affordable housing policies, improving coordination of services for the homeless and reducing preventable hospitalizations and emergency department visits of persons who are homeless. As part of this plan, Providence provided Jamboree Housing with a $9 million bridge loan that will enable them to convert an Anaheim motel into 70 units of affordable housing.

Also in 2019, Providence St. Joseph Hospital of Orange and Providence St. Jude Medical Center contributed a combined $4 million to Mind OC, a nonprofit that works to provide optimal mental health care for all Orange County residents. Thanks to investments from public agencies, private companies, nonprofit organizations, faith-based groups, universities and individual community members, Mind OC raised an unprecedented $40 million to break ground on the first of three facilities.

Throughout 2021 and beyond, Providence remains eternally grateful to our valued donors for their outpouring of support during this unprecedented pandemic. Just one example of this enduring support is Providence St. Joseph Hospital’s annual “Change Through Challenge” event, which netted an incredible $600,000 in 2020 to assist in funding the hospital’s new Progressive Care Unit.

Community Benefit

$205M in total benefit to our Orange County communities in 2019
$133M in unpaid costs of Medicaid and other means-tested government programs
$36M in community health improvement and strategic partnerships
$31M in free and discounted care for the uninsured and underinsured
$442K in health professions education and research

We Are Proud to Be Affiliated With These Esteemed OC Community Partners

30 Years of Building For Good

Jamboree Housing

Thanks to years of partnership, Providence and Jamboree Housing have established a program that connects patients discharged from our specialized psychiatric emergency room with Jamboree’s special needs housing in Anaheim. This partnership is a prime example of Providence’s role in creating supportive housing for Orange County.

In Support of Optimum Mental Health

Be Well OC

In 2019, Be Well OC and its nonprofit arm, Mind OC, were able to break ground on the first Be Well OC Campus thanks, in part, to investments from Providence. In joining this partnership, Providence brought expertise, resources and commitment to meeting the needs of those with mental illness in Orange County.

Nourishing Orange County

Second Harvest

The partnership between Providence and Second Harvest began over a decade ago and remains strong today. After the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Providence Mission Hospital and Providence St. Jude Medical Center each provided Second Harvest with a $33,000 grant to enable shipping 25,000 pounds of food staples to Orange County. Providence St. Jude Medical Center has also had a long partnership with Second Harvest to help boost enrollment in CalFresh, which provides financial assistance for food purchasing to low-income Californians.

Care for Our Most Vulnerable

United Way

Providence is a proud supporter of United Way's United to End Homelessness campaign, which aims to create long-term supportive housing for those in need. Additionally, Providence and Providence Mission Hospital each contributed more than $100,000 to United Way's Pandemic Relief Fund to help support our community's most vulnerable during these tumultuous times.

Extending Care Into Our Communities