Fair and Just Care For All

Providence is rooted in recognizing the inherent dignity of every person. The Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange have a long, established history of advocating for the rights of those facing racism and discrimination, and this legacy empowers us today to work toward a just and equal society for all people of color.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it is clear that a second pandemic of racial inequity is large, persistent and increasing. At present, the COVID-19 death rate for Latinx people is 21% higher than the statewide average in California, and the death rate for Black people is 10% higher than the statewide average. In addition, the COVID-19 case rate for Pacific Islanders is 33% higher than statewide.

Health equity is achieved when everyone, no matter their background, has the opportunity to live a healthy life. To help reduce health disparities and to achieve health equity for communities of color, Providence has made an initial investment of $1.4 million to expand outreach and education, increase the COVID-19 testing and vaccination supply to marginalized communities, promote access to care and ensure equitable distribution of treatment in Southern California.

This initial $1.4 million investment is part of Providence’s larger commitment of $50 million over the next five years to improve health equity in our communities in the seven states we serve. In addition to COVID-19 prevention and education, Providence is committed to working closely with our valued community partners to address key discrepancies in health conditions such as hypertension in the Black community and access to primary care and screenings for Asian Pacific Islander and Latinx communities.

Providence is also proud to announce the creation of the SoCal Black Caregivers Resource Group and the formation of a Diversity and Inclusion Council. The Black Caregiver Resource Group is dedicated to engaging with Black caregivers, amplifying their voices and driving racial equity, as well as building a pipeline for Black caregivers seeking career advancement.

Providence Healthy Equity Initiative

Our Diversity and Inclusion Council’s mission is to effect change in our local communities by working to eliminate discrimination, ensuring a diverse workforce and establishing meaningful career paths for minority caregivers. The leaders of our council are themselves diverse individuals who have personally experienced racism and discrimination, and are therefore dedicated to eradicating these forms of oppression for all.

Health Equity Initiative During COVID-19

$1.4M million invested to date to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and distribute vaccines
76,000 COVID-19 Kits for individuals who test positive and to reduce continued spread
16 community health workers trained to provide clinic-based and in-home resources in targeted high transmission neighborhoods