Fair and Just Care For All

Providence is rooted in recognizing the inherent dignity of every person. We believe that health is a human right, regardless of racial or ethnic identity.

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange have a long, established history of advocating for the rights of those facing racism and discrimination, and this legacy empowers us today to work toward a just and equal society for all people of color.

It is our belief that we must recognize the racial disparities that permeate every facet of American life in order to move forward as a society. To help achieve this, Providence is investing $50 million over five years to improve health equity in our communities in the seven states we serve, including prioritizing at-risk groups for testing, treatment and vaccinations. We are also partnering closely with local community groups and civic organizations to help ensure every person has access to care, as well as updating our integrated strategic and financial plan (ISFP) to include more direct language around diversity, equity and inclusion for our caregivers and for those we serve.

We are also proud to announce the creation of the SoCal Black Caregivers Resource Group and the formation of a Diversity and Inclusion Council. The Black Caregiver Resource Group is dedicated to engaging with Black caregivers, amplifying their voices and driving racial equity, as well as building a pipeline for Black caregivers seeking career advancement.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Council’s mission is to effect change in our local communities by working to eliminate discrimination, ensuring a diverse workforce and establishing meaningful career paths for minority caregivers. The leaders of our council are themselves diverse individuals who have personally experienced racism and discrimination, and are therefore dedicated to eradicating these forms of oppression for all.